Prayer Requests, Life Changes, and Existential Crises

When life throws me ten thousand curve balls, instead of trying to solve the problems that matter I focus on ones that don’t. I obsess over my eyebrows, or spend hours looking up images for the blog that never look right, or have an emotional breakdown over how my imaginary child will ever be socialized properly while homeschooled/ will ever have her own mind in a public school (depending on my mood). Recently I decided that I needed, as a matter of necessity, to make a list of all the movies our future possible children need to see. Hey, we’ve all got our habits, don’t judge.

In my spare time between making meaningless lists, I’ve been applying for jobs like crazy, along with a few other life changes. So many things are in limbo right now that I don’t even want to put them to paper, lest they change again before I hit publish. Here’s what I do know: I had three job interviews last week. All of them went well; one of them is for a job I really want. Please pray that I don’t lose my patience waiting for a response and decide to do something crazy.

That’s why I haven’t been writing in oh so long. I do intend to get back to blogging, once my life has some sort of routine. Even routine craziness would be an improvement.