7 Quick Takes: I Got a Job!



As I mentioned in another post, life is crazy right now. At least one thing has been settled: I have found a full-time job! The pay isn’t great, but it’s a whole heck of a lot better than nothing. It’s also in a small office, which I greatly prefer to being a cog in the wheel of a conglomerate.


Unfortunately, our general living situation is still in flux. I don’t talk about my current personal life much here, since it’s quasi-anonymous, but here’s the basic scoop: my husband and I made the difficult decision to have me live in Atlanta with friends to work and save money until he can find a full-time job, preferably very close to mine, and we can find a new apartment. He is still in the nebulous state of being a transitional deacon in the Episcopal church, which means he’s on the process to priestly ordination but it hasn’t happened yet, and everything’s in limbo until the last hurdle is passed. For now he’s stuck in Savannah dealing with our lease, which doesn’t expire until July, working part-time as a chaplain and applying for jobs around Atlanta. I tried to find a full-time job in Savannah, but the job market there is very difficult for someone trying to break in as a newcomer. In Atlanta, by contrast, I had three interviews in my first two weeks after moving up, and one of them offered me the job I have now.


In case you’ve ever wondered how fun it is to have a long-distance relationship with your spouse, here’s a spoiler: it sucks.


On a more positive note, I’ve found a church home in record time! If you’re an Atlanta Episcopalian who thinks saying the Angelus at noon sounds spiffy, come on over to Church of Our Savior in Virginia Highlands. And if you’re Catholic (or a low church Protestant) just come to Virginia Highlands. It’s the coolest little neighborhood, with pubs and shops and parks (and a babbling brook in the midst of Atlanta), everything in a walkable area.


One more shameless endorsement! The William Blake Summer Singers are doing Haydn’s The Creation with the Atlanta orchestra, and I’ll be in the alto section. It will be held at Lutheran Church of the Redeemer August 9th at 1 p.m. I sang in the soprano section of The Creation with a community choir in my hometown in high school, and it’s fascinating to get into a different section. They don’t tell you that women’s voices fall, albeit less dramatically than men’s, but they do. Mine certainly did. I’m also waaaaaaay out of practice, so I jumped at the chance to retrain my voice, since the Summer Singers didn’t require auditions.


In light of Caitlyn Jenner and the infamous Vanity Fair cover, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about gender and human sexuality and feminism. My knowledge of trans issues is slim to none, though I have a friend who identifies as transgender (i.e. without surgery). My feelings on the subject are best summed up in this New York Times article, which examines what it means for feminism. Like many others, I find the cover a step backwards for women in many ways, in part because I don’t consider myself a hardline conservative on these issues. Does being a woman mean that you are successfully attractive to heterosexual men? Can it really be so limiting?


My other hesitation about this whole issue is the way that alternate viewpoints have been deemed impermissible with such vehemence. As a college freshman I argued against speech codes; my views have not changed. In the past few years, the number of things that one just can’t say without huge consequences have grown at a fast clip. If we can’t distinguish between expressing opinions and oppressing others, how on earth will we have civil discourse? Or is that already not a valid option?

*I’m publishing this early, because my commute doesn’t allow for staying up late.


Prayer Requests, Life Changes, and Existential Crises

When life throws me ten thousand curve balls, instead of trying to solve the problems that matter I focus on ones that don’t. I obsess over my eyebrows, or spend hours looking up images for the blog that never look right, or have an emotional breakdown over how my imaginary child will ever be socialized properly while homeschooled/ will ever have her own mind in a public school (depending on my mood). Recently I decided that I needed, as a matter of necessity, to make a list of all the movies our future possible children need to see. Hey, we’ve all got our habits, don’t judge.

In my spare time between making meaningless lists, I’ve been applying for jobs like crazy, along with a few other life changes. So many things are in limbo right now that I don’t even want to put them to paper, lest they change again before I hit publish. Here’s what I do know: I had three job interviews last week. All of them went well; one of them is for a job I really want. Please pray that I don’t lose my patience waiting for a response and decide to do something crazy.

That’s why I haven’t been writing in oh so long. I do intend to get back to blogging, once my life has some sort of routine. Even routine craziness would be an improvement.